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BmpTifToUyc V1.03


BmpTifToUyc was designed for subtitle authors and post production houses.
It is a software utility that runs under Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP.
It converts BMP and TIF graphics files to ULTECH UYC graphics files.

The ULTECH DV2000, ULTECH ITVinjector, ULTECH DV3000, and the Link HDE300 have the ability to "overlay" graphics into the video for subtitling, inserting bus, logos, TV rating icons, etc.
But these devices require the graphics to be in the ULTECH UYC format. Computer graphics files (including BMP and TIF) are RGB files (red, green, blue), but the ULTECH UYC graphics files are YC files (luminance, chrominance).

BmpTifToUyc provides a simple way to convert your graphics files for insertion into video.

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